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Available Programs

Courses & Classes

All courses are offered to both the young and the young at heart.


School of Vocal Arts

  For those who are just beginning or want to unlock the power of their voice with basics of singing, vocal maintenance, blending, scales, and so much more.  


School of Vocal  Arts

  For those who have achieved the next level of singing skills, but want to reach your potential as a worship leader, a perfect background singer, or a skilled vocal coach yourself. 


School of Dance

   Learn the basics of all things dance while achieving the core curriculum that will ensure you have the foundation to move a create dances to multiple genres in the musical art of dance. 

Intermediate & Advanced School of Dance 

For those who have trained and given themselves to the art of dance, the intermediate and advance dance academy will bring out the best of your abilities to be creative in all of your moves while pushing you beyond your own limits and using your body as the perfect expression of  all things innovative. 

Music Class

Beginner School of  Instrumental Arts

   Whether you have desired to play for a while now, or would just like to begin a new hobby, we want to assist you in getting started. Come learn the basics of playing for yourself, your church, and in other venues in an encouraging and challenging environment  that will push you to be your best.

Intermediate School of  Instrumental Arts

   For those who have some experience with instruments and want to go beyond their current skills with instructors that are willing to teach all they know, this school will provide a nurturing environment that will inspire your creative side and bring out the personality in your playing. 

Playing the Piano
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